Behind the Art

As many of you know, we recently released our new EP, Nearness. Upon having it available, we’ve heard one question over and over… “What does the artwork mean?”

I’m glad you asked! When we were making this project, the music was only part of a bigger vision that we had; we wanted to have the entire package be a work of art. During the writing process, we got together with our long time friend, comic book artist, Matt Sheean. We explained our vision for the album and where we were coming from spiritually, and the astronaut concept began to develop.

On the cover, we see an astronaut and the reflection of a figure off in the distance. Inside, we see his journey from one planet to another where he battles with his own limitations in pursuit of fruitfulness. “ It is easy to become lost in the repetition and find in the end only a little fruit,” Matt Sheean.

When the two of us (Andrew and Jen) were writing the songs for this album, we were in a spiritually dry place. The title of the album is from the song, Nearness… “Give me a nearness, I want to feel fire, Your friendship is tireless, give me a nearness. You have waited here, to my great surprise, distance wearing thin when I’m at Your side.” As we wrote these songs, God used them to renew our passion for worship and remind us that when He seems far, we’re the ones who’ve wandered off. Not Him.

The art…

the cover: an astronaut and the reflection of a man in his helmet

the inside cover


Click here to read a full description of this comic, directly from the artist.


lyrics and liner notes

the back cover

Maybe you’ve never really believed that God sent His son Jesus to die on a cross and raised Him from the dead to pay for your sin. Maybe you’ve never known a nearness to God to begin with. If you want to understand what it means to be near to God and have your sin erased so that you can have a relationship with Him, all you have to do is believe in who He is and what He did for you. You’ll be amazed at the way He can transform you if you let Him.

As you can see, art is something we value. If you like Matt’s work, check out his latest web comic, “The Rotten Machine,” and more on his blog. If you would like to purchase a hard copy of Nearness so that you can have the art, go to our online store.

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