Song Story: “Apathy”

Apathy, the first song off of our newest CD, “Nearness” is a very personal song for us. We were in a place of spiritual dryness when writing it and it is an honest cry to make new the love that we know God is deserving of.

Musically, it’s meant to feel jarring and abrasive. Like a necessary wake up call because we so often turn a deaf ear to God’s kind voice.

“This world frozen in water
Numb to its sinking
When I can’t feel a thing
Come melt my apathy”

The lyrics in the 2nd verse were developed from our understanding of the sneaking destructive power of sin.

One afternoon I was pondering in the ocean waters and as I was wading through the waves I developed that verse. At first the bitter cold of the winter water was stinging and painful. Nearly unbearable. I wanted to get out immediately but chose to remain.

As time progressed I grew more and more comfortable in the chilled waves. I eventually got out of the frigid environment but if I had stayed for a prolonged period of time I would have subjected myself to hypothermia. Which eventually kills. Although my body would have become numb to the danger I was in, the truth is that the danger persists. Just like the power of sin.

The euphoria that hypothermia creates causes a swimmer to sink and drown without even knowing it, which makes it all the more dangerous. This can be so easily compared to sin in our lives. Where once we were grieved by our painful behavior we can grow numb to the sensation of disobedience toward our God, thus killing our relationship with our patient Creator.

The chorus and bridge are the cries of our hearts to remain soft to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and correction.

“Shake off the dust
Come and unbury my love
I want to toss all aside
And make You proud of my life

Take what we could not give up
Bring new life to our stale love”

If you are caught by the numbing sensation of sin, ask God to melt and shake off those things in your life. He is faithful. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.


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