Lessons From the Mountain Part 2: “Three Words”

Well, we’ve just come home from spending 10 1/2 weeks at Hume Lake Christian Camp. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind of the Lord moving and changing lives for three months straight; my head is still spinning.

I’ve been trying to think about the best way to describe the work the Lord did in the hearts of so many high school students. Rather than write pages and pages about it, I thought I would share this with you instead:

Every Friday night as each week of camp ended, Hume did something called “Victory Circle.” About a thousand students would walk up a hill to a large camp fire where we would have one last session of worship and the students would be able to share in three words how God had worked in their lives during that week. During the last couple of weeks, I began jotting down some of the testimonial “three words” that were shared. These are just a few of the profound statements that came from these high school students. I think they will tell the story of how God worked better than I can…

I’m all in

He is enough

He won’t leave

I’m not alone

Orphan, to God’s Child

Don’t stand alone

He has a plan

No turning back

I am His

All washed away

Broken, but loved

Foundation, protector, Savior

I surrender all

Completely broken, healed

Convicted, not condemned

He’s my fortress

No more doubt

His love conquers

Thank you Jesus

Lost, now found

Now there’s hope

I’m forever His

Identified in Jesus

I wanna live

All I need

Ignite the world

No greater love

I am heard

My only One

Nothing is mine

I’m with Abba

He forgave me

Ignited my flame

Jesus: Life changing

Lord, send me

Go be bold

I am called

My entire heart

Brightened my soul

Freed my burden

Never lost again

I love Him

Let Him guide

God is intentional

He is joy

Set me free

Intentionally surrendered myself

I have faith

Ready to listen

Sin is mire

Died, rose, redeemed

I’m in awe

Trust Him fully

Never again slaves

Spread the word

Pray like David

My forgiving Father

No other gods

Daddy, I’m here

I once was

I will follow

You have waited

Beautiful to Him

Cherish each day

I’m always wanted

Gives me purpose

Speak through me

Created to worship

A fire relit

God is King

It’s all Him

Conqueror of bondage

Everything, not some things

Live without fear

Not about me

He’s my refuge

Renewed, found, loved

By our side

I’m not worthy

His plan only

Not my life

Restored to Him

Joy, peace, responsibility

Please use me

Humbled before Jesus

He’s my rock

I’m set free

Prayer is powerful

Number one Daddy

Alive to serve

Loved, understood, forgiven

Found, humbled, changed

No more excuses

He is mine

A new family

No words to describe

Lose myself always

Armed for battle

I will go

No longer lukewarm

Condemned. Redeemed. Renewed.

He never left

So what are Lovelite’s three words? Humbly, thankfully used.

Thanks for reading…