Lovelite exists to inspire praise in the hearts of His people and desire in the hearts of His lost.

About the Band

Lovelite brings an energetic infusion of euro-pop sensibility and lyrical depth to the congregational worship scene. Led by the husband and wife team of Andrew and Jen Polfer, two worship leaders inspired by the thought of reshaping the mundane, the band’s anthemic, atmospheric style lays a foundation for its heartbeat: to share in the character of God’s creativity.


Andrew Polfer, Jen Polfer, Brandon Burr, Jonathan Hall

About In Three Persons

With the release of their new album, In Three Persons, Lovelite’s husband and wife duo Andrew and Jen Polfer have once again raised the bar for sonically and lyrically rich worship music that explores and celebrates the Holy Trinity. Paralleling the mysterious beauty of God-in-One, Lovelite’s new effort is inventive and diverse, finding new and creative means to honor the deep traditions of congregational worship.
“Our goal is to make music about something that is greater than ourselves,” Andrew said. “Hopefully it’s a creative process and hopefully it’s an honest process.”
Taking the creativity to an entirely new level with In Three Persons, Lovelite’s new sound will remind listeners of artists as varied as New Order, M83, Bon Iver, Peter Gabriel, Arcade Fire and Sia.
“With this new record, we’ve taken bolder steps musically and creatively,” Andrew continued. “It’s hopefully an invitation for the listener to join us and experience God in a unique way.”
Writing together since meeting, Andrew and Jen have grown together musically and spiritually, leading them to find a new direction and motivation for their work together as Lovelite. Each of their records have been completely independently released and financed, finding creativity in the business side of the Christian music industry.
Jen explained, “When we first started Lovelite, our goal was to get signed by a major Christian label. Our goals have changed in that, instead of trying to fit what’s already happening, we’ll do what we feel is flowing out of us.”
After two years of recording, Lovelite is proud to release In Three Persons, a contemplative, celebratory offering to the ever-present, ever-loving God, Son and Holy Ghost.

About Nearness

Lovelite’s proficiency to reflect what they value both sonically and lyrically is illustrated on their latest release, Nearness, an album others have described as “sincere,” “haunting,” and “remarkable.” Fans of Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Doves, Mew, and Peter Gabriel will connect with the project’s lush guitar riffs, rich organ layers, and stunning harmonies.
Andrew and Jen met in High School and began leading worship together at youth group. Soon after the Polfers married, the couple decided to create Lovelite when their collaborative song writing experiments began spreading throughout college campuses and churches in their community. After completing their first independent album, All Color, the duo was approached by Chad Johnson of Come&Live with a wild idea: “give away the album for free.” Inspired by the opportunity to make a bold sacrifice for the sake of God’s kingdom, Lovelite agreed to offer their music as a digital gift. Partnering with Come&Live, Lovelite has given away over 20,000 downloads of their collective albums and songs.
Lovelite has set out to make church music that reaches a generation that is bored with the status quo of worship by launching them into a deeper spiritual conversation with their creator.
According to Andrew, “There are only two eternal things in this world: God and People. Worship is an opportunity for people to creatively relate to a relational creator.”
It’s Nearness.

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